I’m about to show you my script’s entire skeleton exactly how it was written down in my notebook. However, there are some things you should know before continuing. The main one being I write these notes for me. Sometimes these notes are detailed, but more often than not, they are simply there to elicit a specific thought when I go ahead and write that scene. And then there are the notes that remain in my head – primarily because I feel these are aspects I will not forget. I suppose it’s not the best system, though it’s my system.

Also know that things change. In fact, many things will change. It happens every time and I often look forward to it. This road map hardly delineates the final outcome of what the script will be, just think of it as a solid start.

Without further adieu, in it’s original form, what I’ve been working on for the past week:

  • Son’s place: Bags packed ready to go. Listen’s to voicemail.
  • Airport: Gets in to R. Rents car.
  • Dad’s place: Arrives. Dad out cold, nothing’s packed. Son packs his bag and hauls him to the car.
  • Car (driving): Dad wakes up. Son has few words.
  • Motel: Son and Dad check in. Later, Son wakes up and dad’s gone.
  • Bar: Son finds Dad at closest bar. Dad has met a woman who needs a ride across the country.
  • Motel: Dad brings woman back causing Son to sleep in the bathtub.
  • Car: Dad tells woman she can have a ride. Son clearly displeased. Son visibly displays how he feels about his dad/their relationship.
  • Liquor Store: They stop so dad can piss. Son has a talk with the woman. Dad comes running out with a stolen bottle. They take off after the store owner comes out with a gun.
  • Car: Woman draws picture. Dad’s not a fan. Son secretly likes it.
  • Gas Station: They stop to get gas. A Little League game is going on across the street.
  • Bar: Son talks to bar tender. Dad sings karaoke. Dad gets in fight. Son tries to break it up, gets knocked out.
  • Bartender’s Apartment: Son wakes up in the apartment. Dad and Woman couldn’t remember the name of the motel. They have breakfast. She has a son. He plays catch with the boy.
  • Fair: They spend the day at a fair. The Son actually has fun. He even wins the boy something.
  • Bar: They have a drink at a bar. The boy’s father shows up, the bartender has to go work. When the Son comes out of the bathroom the boy is gone. The boy’s father says he’s “fine” while he watches the game.
  • Fair: The Son goes looking for the boy. He finally finds him on a pier on the lake by the fair. The boy accidentally falls in and cannot swim. The Son jumps in and saves him.
  • Bar: Soaking wet, the Son storms into the bar and starts beating up the boy’s father. The boy comes in and stops the Son. The Son, Dad & Woman leave.
  • Car: Mostly silence. The Dad apologizes for not coming to any of his little league games. The Son pulls over and starts drinking heavily and takes the Woman’s drugs.
  • Car (later): The Dad’s driving. The Son is letting everything out. Telling his dad al the things he’s repressed. We find out the girl he’s been dating is pregnant.
  • Motel Room: The Son wakes up. In the room with his is the Woman. They talk.
  • Bar: The Son & Father have a talk about everything.
  • Los Angeles: They drop the Woman off. He lets his dad in the front seat.
  • Funeral: Final scene.

I’ve finally come up with the Son and Father’s names along with the title for the film. There is already a tremendous amount of information in this post, so I’ll leave the explanations for another time. The Son’s name is normal, while the Father goes strictly by his nickname. Anyways here you go:

  • Title – GOOD PEOPLE
  • Son – Greg Jr.
  • Father – Greg Sr. “Soul”

Until then.


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