A quick writing sesh today. I figured out the final three scenes of the script:

  • Bar
  • Car (Los Angeles)
  • Funeral

These three scenes wrap up what I want to do with the Father/Son relationship. There is a clear change in their dynamic, but not necessarily anything set in concrete – the Son gets a certain satisfaction he never received as a child. In fact, the final bar scene is all Father and Son, nobody else is involved. This will be the hardest scene to write by far in the entire script, I have to cover much ground and get the dialogue as close to perfection as possible.

I’m going to review all the scenes tomorrow and see if anything needs fixing or if anything is missing. I didn’t figure out any names today, sorry about that, but I’ll get to it soon. Unfortunately I have some things to do today and tomorrow, so I’m going to cut this entry short. I’ll still try and bring you something of substance regardless of what I’m doing. I’ll try…

Until then.


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