I’ve been a bit distracted lately. Didn’t get anything done yesterday and only a bit today. I guess I’ve done a good amount of mental writing, but nothing down on paper. My sister’s in town this weekend so I’m not sure how much I’ll get done, hopefully a couple more scenes. Probably one if I’m honest.

But I got to say, I’m pretty happy about the consistent process I’ve been making so far. I know I’m only 12 days in and the flame might quickly burn out, still I think these entries are helping.

Today I finished all the scenes leading up to Greg and Soul’s first conscious interaction. Like I said, I’ve been writing that scene mentally for a while now. I have a pretty good idea what I want to do with it, then again actually writing it down is a whole different ball game.



The front porch is nicely arranged, almost spotless. Greg
knocks on the door and waits. Nobody answers. He knocks
again and waits. Again nobody answers. He grows impatient.

He reaches for the doorknob and turns it, opening the door.

Of course.

Quite indifferent to the matter, Greg enters the house.


This room is cluttered and unkempt, incredibly different to
the house’s outside appearance. Greg enters, finding his
FATHER (SOUL) passed out on top of his bed.

Of course.

Greg walks over to the bed and shakes Soul, but to no avail.
He picks up the empty JIM BEAM BOTTLE from the floor and
places it on the night stand. Frustrated, he scans the room.

Clothes are scattered across the floor, empty bottles have
found a home here and there. The only thing in its place is
a GUITAR in the corner sitting nicely on its stand.

He makes his way to the closet, rummages through, and finds
a SUITCASE. Greg opens it up and starts shoving whatever
clothes he can find into it.


Greg emerges from the house carrying Soul in his arms and
the suitcase over his shoulder. He gets to the car and puts
Soul in the backseat and then the suitcase in the trunk.


He gets into the driver’s seat, buckles in, and turns the
car on. Greg gives his unconscious father one last look, and
shaking his head puts the car in drive.


Soul’s house is an obvious contrast of outside appearance versus inside reality, pretty simple to write. However, the contrast between Soul’s house and Greg’s apartment is a little different. Soul’s facade stops at the door, birthing a false opinion to the majority of onlookers. Yet Greg’s facade has leaked into his own home, and even into his own room. For Greg, all onlookers see the facade.

This is also the first look at Soul’s alcoholic nature, which will be played and overplayed throughout the story. In the script, it will appear there has been a role reversal between these two characters – Greg becomes the parent and Soul the child. When in reality, that is the only role Greg has really ever known.

Who knows if any of this reads on the page. Here’s to that. And here’s hoping I get the next scene done by Sunday.

Until then.


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