I got very little writing done today — a show called Wallander has been quite the distraction. These four scenes are very quick and contain no dialogue. I wanted the transition from Greg’s apartment to Soul’s house to be fast, making the contrast easier to recognize.

Go ahead and read what got done and I’ll talk a little bit about locations after:


Very few people come out of the gate. Greg emerges wearing the same clothes and holding his 3-SUIT BAG. He looks
anything but pleased to be standing in this airport.



A handful of people including Greg wait for their bags. On
the back wall is a large sign saying “WELCOME TO ROCHESTER.”
Greg finds himself staring at it with disgust.



Greg approaches the rental car desk. The WOMAN behind it
greets him with a friendly grin, he does not reciprocate the
gesture. Greg’s goal is to keep the interaction brief.



Greg rolls up in front of a small little HOME in a SUBURBAN
area and parks. The grass is green and freshly cut. Greg
takes a deep breath before getting out of the car.


The main thing I want to talk about is Soul’s location compared to Greg’s. It will officially be stated later, but Greg lives in New York City. Soul however remains in the small Western New York town where Greg grew up. I wanted Greg to have moved away, yet still within the same state as his father. More on that later.

I have Greg getting into Rochester, but that might just be a place holder for now. It’s pretty much the only place in Western New York that I know, and the city is rather big for what I want. I’m not sure if I’ll keep Rochester’s airport in the script and have Greg drive somewhere else or scrap it all together. I’ve got to think about it a bit more, but I just wanted to put the scene down on paper.

Anyways, we’ll see how my TV watching goes tomorrow, but hopefully I’ll get up to the first interaction scene between Greg and Soul.

Until then.


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