My last script took me about 10 months to write. Some of that time stems from a creative thought process, but to be honest most of it can be attributed to procrastination. Really the worst kind of procrastination, what I like to call “self-procrastination.” No due dates or timeline, no grade or check to work towards, just doubts in your mind that warmly tell you to take a break. I seem to be plagued by it. So I came up with this plan.

In a way this will be my diary, or journal, or whatever make sense of my writing process pertaining to the script at hand – though above all it will serve as motivation. I will document any work put into the script in almost any capacity, starting with the obvious Day 1 then Day 2, Day 3, and so on and so forth. If no work gets done on say Day 7, then that day will become a hole in the journal. I’m telling you right now, there will be holes, a good amount of them. This is fine, it’s a process, a long one, and I will need days to think and days to drain my brain. What I don’t want are the long gaps that become embarrassing. The ones that go for a week, or weeks, or a month, or god forbid months…

I’m excited to take this journey. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to incorporate my personal creative writing with write and sleep, and this seems right. My hope is there’s an audience for this kind of venture, walking with me from now until the finish line. Who knows what you’ll learn or frankly if you’ll learn, that comes down to the individual, but if nothing else it might be interesting to get inside my head one day at a time.


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