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A man of few spoken words (ask his family), Travis Babcock was born under the astronomical constellation Gemini (ladies) during the year of ’92 in Santa Cruz, California – for those geographically impaired or too lazy to Google it, that is Northern California… or Central California depending on who you ask, so Cen-Cal/Nor-Cal… it’s still up for debate – which he would describe as living in a political, social, economical, and climate confused bubble.

Growing up, Travis was quite accustomed to the arts, performing in plays from the age of tiny to the moment his stage fright kicked in – somewhere around puberty. It was at this time Travis was ready for his genuine stereotypical high school experience. Unfortunately, he did not get it for he attended Pacific Collegiate School, a highly acclaimed academic charter school or in a single word, “fun.” The days of APs and advanced learning became frequent, taking up, not all of his time but… time – something he and his friends would complain about in their circles of teenage angst[1]. But this brings up a larger point and one Travis wants to make sure you are all fully aware of: Yes, he had friends. Two’s and three’s of them at a time[2]. Then like most protagonists in cheesy high school movies, he began his soul-searching. Secretly, Travis wanted to sing and act, but the lack of a voice, courageous personality, and six-pack led his search elsewhere. Yet his search was not long or far as he soon signed up for Video Production at his aforementioned high school.

Travis found a world behind the lens – and more importantly despite tabloids and media projections he realized there was talent back there. And so he found his calling, but still lacked a direction of specificity. As if his life was being written as a story, he suddenly found it within an assignment demanding he write a twelve-page screenplay – using Syd Field’s structure of course. Here Travis stumbled upon something special. He was creating people, stories, ideas (themes didn’t really come until later, he was still an amateur at this point) all with the stroke of his pen or a tap on the keyboard. He could give life to thoughts he could not verbally express or hide those he had always suppressed into the intertwining of his creations. It all seemed limitless and frankly nothing else enticed his intrigue.

With a clear interest and graduation around the corner, Travis was awaiting replies from his college applications. Denied from UCLA (his first choice) and denied by Chapman (his second choice), he promptly confirmed his acceptance to California State University Long Beach – also known as Cal State Long Beach, CSULB, LBSU, Long Beach State, and The Beach. It is not necessary for a school to have so many aliases, but people do like options. He had the understanding their film program was moderately respected and being forty minutes from Los Angeles was a decent perk. Later he was informed of the school’s esteemed alumni consisting of the likes of Steve Martin and Steven Spielberg – although the latter treats the school like his ugly illegitimate child he talks to every couple of years when forced.

Though he had been writing for some time already, Travis would argue college is where he learned how to write. He took all the screenwriting classes the program had to offer, befriending a teacher or two along the way. It was in his second year when he wrote his first feature. An eighty-page homage to Richard Linklater’s Before Sunset – he says “homage,” many would say thievery – consisting of minimal action and dense verbiage. He was proud of that script regardless of its structural flaws, deeming it artistically necessary for furthering his writing career.

With his third and final year at CSULB under way (yes, he graduated in three years and yes, he brags about it all the time), Travis was not ready for his college experience to end. He felt as if he lost his chance at having an impact at his school, about to drift off without a resonating voice of any kind. So like Rocky boxing, McClane saving people, or the kids on Glee singing, he turned to the only way he knew how to express himself: skiing – not really, it was writing, but those close to Travis might get the silliness. He wanted to encapsulate his entire college experience into this script, his goodbye letter if you will (granted the letter was a love/hate sort of thing). After much procrastinating and with only a couple months left of his college career he typed his favorite words, “FADE OUT.” He had finished this 112-paged behemoth with a smile on his face. Admittedly, that smile quickly faded when he realized the story wasn’t very good, but with his glass half full mentality he praised his characters and dialogue, thus deeming it all in all a semi-success.

A few months later and at the baby age of twenty, Travis graduated. It was a nice day, hot really, as he sat with his fellow film students surrounded by a swarm of black robes (think oil spill, but with a much larger ego) trying to formulate his own idea of his name being called. In reality, all he could think about was how many people were in the Art program. His college career was over and now real life taunts Travis. Where is he now? What will he do? Will his work crumble in the midst of others or will it stand the test of time, eliciting a wide range of emotions from his audiences and being considered special by few? Vegas would probably bet on the former, but then again in how many stories do we root for the house to win?





Hello All,

This is Travis speaking. Unfortunately, I am a bit busy with all the things going on in my life. Nothing would give me more pleasure than writing my own bio for this illustrious website, but alas I cannot due to all those things going on in my life. However, you will be happy to know I found a worthy replacement to write the piece. He’s a great friend of mine.

Even though it is not “technically” me speaking, I still asked him to write in first person. I felt it would bring a serious tone to the piece that fleshes out my artistic and creative sides. So don’t be thrown off by that. Some secrets may have come out during a long night of drinking, but I kindly asked him to leave those out. He graciously complied. Also, I asked him to really detail my experience at Cal State Long Beach – whoops spoiler alert: I got into my first choice – highlighting the heavy impact I had on the school as a whole. It’s possible Steven Spielberg will give me a call. Who knows, he might even mention a little something about my scripts, which if I do say so myself, came out much better than expected.

Other than that I’m stepping aside and giving him the reigns. He was extremely excited to be forced into this opportunity, haha I kid because we’re friends, but in all seriousness enjoy my life, which will be somewhere below.

Travis Babcock

In case it is not evident, I did/do have friends.



[1] Some artistic liberties were taken here.
[2] See footnote [1].


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