A couple of things have happened since we last had a chat.

I went on vacation, set up a meeting, and kind of went job hunting.

Vacation first.

Nikole, my sister, her boyfriend, and myself met my parents in Massachusetts for their 29th anniversary. My late grandparents on my dad’s side owned a house in Cape Cod that has now been passed down to all the brothers and sisters. The week leading up to my parents anniversary was reserved and so we went.

Originally, Nikole and I had plans to move down here in September meaning we had well over a month to settle down before going on this trip to the east coast. However, as you might know plans changed, resulting in our move being postponed until October. Not that big of a deal, though it was weird leaving for vacation less than two weeks after moving.

Yes, the timing was uncomfortable, but who am I to complain about a vacation? Especially one where Cape Cod is involved. We enjoyed ourselves. Personally I had about 4-5 lobster rolls…

My parents are most happy when the family is together. I’m not just tooting my horn, I speak the truth. It was a special time among family, everyone’s happiness truly made it special.

It was a congratulatory week, 29 years of marriage is something special. I am a proud son, I will always raise my glass to my parents and what they have accomplished together.

While my sister took a few extra days and went to New York, me and Nikole came back. We both got sick towards the end of the trip and needed the warmer weather again. At least I did – breathing had become quite the struggle.

So, after eating a year’s worth of lobster and exploring the Cape we were back in Los Angeles.

My meeting.

During my vacation I got into contact with a TV writer through a very good friend. I was honestly surprised how willing he was to meet for coffee. At the very least, it was nice of him to act excited.

We spent some time emailing back and forth and finally landed on October 29th at 11 a.m. A set date & time! I’m stoked, I mean a TV writer is letting me pick his brain about the industry! Crazy…

It will be nice to have a sense of where I’m at and what the next steps are for my career. Which, truth be told, I thoroughly need. I’m a bit stressed at the moment and I blame it on the “now now now” mentality of my generation.

It’s like I want success without even earning it. Actually, it’s not even “like” that, it is that. The whole idea is insane, but impatience is a bitch.

What it comes down to is this: I’m not worried about “if,” I’m worried about “when.” The thought of guidance alleviates my worries a bit, but it’s all on me. It’s on me to keep up my blog, it’s on me to write my scripts, it’s on me to storyboard my ideas, it’s on me to get up in the morning and write, it’s all on me.

I’ve put off serious job hunting – server/bus boy positions – leading up to this meeting. I suppose there is a touch of laziness in this plan, and the dread of bussing tables again, but I want to say “yes” to whatever this man has to say. If he shows me where to start, who to contact, what specifically I should be writing, I need to be available.

Focus has to be in the right place, on my career and loved ones. Nikole has helped me with this a bit, she’s been pushing me to write more. She’s pretty great.

My goal is to make this blog something special. I want to keep it mine, but add more of an appeal to bring in more views. The dream is generating enough traffic where I can make money through advertising or whatever. That would be amazing…

But I have to put the work in, habits will form. I am fortunate for the amazing people who continue their support of me and my passion. I refuse to let them down.



One Response to Things Are Looking Up… Kind Of

  1. Margy defigueiredo says:

    You nailed it when you said you are more concerned about “when” not “if” regarding your career taking off. Keep up that positive attitude, it’s what will drive you up!

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