There is a darkness about this film that deems satisfying, at times seeming to bring pleasure in unusual ways. Sometimes we are in a mood we don’t want healed, often creating a picture we want to stick to. Dark. But its not necessarily a bad thing, rather it is often a release of some kind. The Vicious Kind creates such a mood and never looks back.

Lee Toland Krieger is the visionary behind The Vicious Kind, writing and directing this film before the age of 25. Quite inspiring to be honest, but at the same time a small 936full-the-vicious-kind-posterbeam of depression washes over me. It makes me feel like I need to sell a script in the next year or two. Regardless, it is always nice to see a film with such honesty written by a young filmmaker. Krieger deals with the conflicting values of family members by sending his characters into a dark place.

The Vicious Kind heralds Adam Scott’s breakout role that not many people saw. It is unfortunate because Scott’s performance along with the rest of the cast was magnificent. At times, the interactions between these different characters can feel unbearable, but all of that comes from the pain of honesty. All of these interactions are influenced by what families can be and what they already are.

The writing of this film instantly drew me in. The dialog in specific created a world I was familiar with, in turn causing my connection. This is the basic function we often seek in a film and The Vicious Kind delivers. However, once we feel the connection we are put through a whirlwind of emotions and ideas. Scott’s character will be loved and hated, but the importance of the film is to try and understand him. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you how to understand him, because it will be different for everyone. Fortunately, it will be different for everyone.

It does take the right mood to thoroughly enjoy this film. Krieger’s film is on the edgier side of things and is known to bring some down before it lifts them back up, a tiny bit. But like said before, sometimes we need films like this to get us through things or stay right where we want to be.

One of the most heartbreaking “I love you”‘s I’ve ever seen. The betrayal of a father. The betrayal of a brother. All in a good day’s work and all in this film. For those of you more daring, give The Vicious Kind a watch.

The Vicious Kind (2009) by Lee Toland Krieger

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