Are we wandering?

I don’t really know…


Physically – when drug free – we usually know where we are. We know where we stand and relatively where we’re going. Relatively. Regardless, we’re living life.

Everyone has flaws, a multitude of them. It’s true, it’s a fact, deny it all you want you deniers. We live with them, work on them, and find someone who can accept them. Life. It’s one of the biggest parts of living life. Maybe one of the biggest parts of succeeding once you give into acceptance.

I know some of mine – laziness, self-doubt, heavy procrastination…

Only three to my iceberg, but some biggies.

I bring all this up because life is usually hard. Is it supposed to be? That’s not the point. We go through tough times and our flaws do not make it any easier. We see others go through tough times and still our flaws fail to make it any easier. This isn’t a sob story. You know why? Because we try.

On a daily basis, we try. We go out and live. We take the tough times and go out and make a paycheck, grab a drink, and let off steam. We go to school and console each other. Perhaps we read a book and prepare for that big job interview. Living life – it’s individual, it’s unique – but we all share the action.

I tell myself I am in a transition point, but I think we are always in a transition point. There is always the next step and the new adventure, the to-do list both personal and professional.

I understand that age can be a mental block and something unbelievably hard to shake, but I’m beginning to believe it’s merely a societal mindset. An ideology we take from movies, celebrities, and idols. I never want these things out of my life, but at the same time they do a magnificent job at making me feel inadequate for my age. It’s fun.

I might be grasping, and still I’m fine with it. I don’t know where I’m going at this point. Talking and preaching.

I’ll leave you with this – try to work your ass off, make rent, and surround yourself with friends, family, and loved ones. At the end of the day, drink your beer or that glass of wine, cuddle up and watch a movie or binge a few episodes of your new favorite show. Live your life, man. One day at a time. Find other humans you can love and love you back, and share. Share the world.

It’s better that way, I promise you.



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