Here we are, two posts in one week! I put most bloggers to shame…

Last post I talked briefly about quitting my job and then went into growing a goal-oriented mentality and navigating my focus away from dead-end jobs. That being said, I do need to pay bills and a dead-end job will help me with that for the time being. Compromise and baby steps.

I want to let you all in on how the job hunt’s been going so far and then cover some of the goals I’ve created for myself.

The job hunt. It’s actually going better than predicted. Yesterday I printed out 10 resumes and left the house with a list of restaurants I wanted to hit. In total it was:

  • 3 American restaurants (1 BBQ joint)
  • 2 Italian restaurants
  • 5 Sushi restaurants

The first place I went was one of the American restaurants. Unfortunately they had a full staff, but the manager gave me a lead for another restaurant he knew was hiring. The place ended up being a lounge/whiskey bar, not really what I want. I gave the lead to my lady instead, more of her scene.

Silver lining – while she was tracking down that lead I walked around the block to this Japanese BBQ place (not on my list). My friend works there, so I figured, “why not?” The place was huge and the menu certainly interested me.

I sat down with a manager, and after a brief interview was offered a job. I’m going to think about it for a bit, a day or two, test the waters and make my decision. It’s a paycheck for now, plus these part-time jobs will allow me to pursue other interests and ultimately careers.

I’ll keep you posted on the job hunt and any other responses I get.

Now for my goals.

I’ve decided to keep my daily goals off my blogs – they’ll be changing sporadically and I won’t be posting every day (at least for now). However, my biggest weekly goal that has to do with my blog is a consistent 2-3 posts a week. In today’s age, with YouTube, Twitter, and everything else that doesn’t seem like that big of a commitment. For me, right now, it is.

I want to stay true to this goal. It’s the first one I’ve created… My monthly and yearly goals still need some work, and my weekly goals are far from done as well. Pertaining to the blog, I am tinkering around with a few monthly ideas – mainly an increase in viewer activity (i.e. 50-100 new Facebook likes a month, etc.). I’ll get back to you on all that.

That’s going to wrap up everything for now. Just a quick check in, keeping my fingers dancing and producing content. Lots going on at the moment. Oh! And a special shout out to my lady, she already landed a job and has a second interview lined up tomorrow! Crazy talented and much deserved, congrats!



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  1. Paperimage says:

    Good positive energy and attitude… Those attributes will never let you down. Dad

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