For those frivolous few that have not witnessed the utterly magnificent masterpiece that is Roland Emmerich’s Independence Day, I will break it down for you short and sweet:

Will Smith images-1punches an alien, Jeff Goldblum once punched the future president “in the head,” the now president punches the now vice president’s manhood, a dog punches realism, and Randy Quaid punches the alien destroyer ship with a F-18 jet, then the Smith/Goldblum team escape a nuclear blast in space – all before the fat lady sings I might add. The only thing that could make this film better is if Smith’s line was extended to: “Welcome to Earth, Motherfucker!”

Spend the time, spend the money. You owe it to yourself, your family, and your country. Don’t ask why, how, apply physics, or use reasoning. These things really have no place in this particular venture.

Just enjoy the film.

Independence Day (1996) directed by Roland Emmerich

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