Someone’s found their way back home!

It has roughly been 7 MONTHS since my last post! Jeez. Not very professional of me, then again this site makes me no money… so there’s that.

I’ve been gone people. Since the end of January I have been making my way down Asia, adventuring, eating, using selfie sticks, eating, and a whole bunch of other stuff (Perhaps I’ll write a few posts on my travels in the near future).

Though a quick itinerary of my travels would look like this:

    • Tokyo
    • Kyoto
    • Osaka
    • Seoul
    • Beijing
    • Guilin
    • Yangshuo
    • Bangkok
    • Koh Samui
    • Koh Phangan
    • Koh Tao
    • Chiang Mai
  • LAOS
    • Vientiane
    • Vang Vieng
    • Thakhek
    • Don Det
    • Kratie
    • Siem Reap
    • Battambang
    • Phnom Penh
    • Balangan
    • Bingin
    • Uluwatu
    • Seminyak
    • Ubud
    • Gili Trawangan
    • Kuta

Needless to say, it’s been a long journey. Not going to lie, got a little exhausted by the end there. Don’t get me wrong, it was the trip of a lifetime, but home was definitely calling my name.

Interestingly enough there was a common theme among the backpackers I met along my travels, very few of them were looking forward to life back home. They dreaded it, were running away from it in many ways. This made me feel fortunate, as if I was getting the best of both worlds, soaking up exactly what I preferred thousands of miles away.

I had a girlfriend I absolutely adored back home, I had friends, family, the thought of getting another job, this blog, writing, MY CAREER!! It was all back here and everything was waiting, patiently. I was blessed. As I was over there the thought of running away never crossed my mind, rather I was achieving something, accumulating experiences and skills. Culturing myself in countless ways, and seeing a world beyond my own.

More than anything this trip gave me a craving for travel. I want to see the world in my lifetime, unleash my eyes on its greatest sites and treasures, understand and appreciate. I think it’s all a rather attainable goal.

I am no longer sure (if I every was) what form this site is going to take. I imagine it will still be filled with film reviews and things of the sort, but the possibility of using writeandsleep to blog my thoughts is rather favorable at this point. I’m back. I’m here to write.

– Travis


P.S. Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there and a special thank you to the one who brought me into this world. I love you, Mom.

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One Response to I’m Baaaaaaaaack!!!

  1. William Babcock says:

    Travis, you make our hearts soar like a hawk. We are proud of your accomplishments and your continued focus on your goals. The world will be your teacher and life long companion. We love you. Mom and Dad

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