Check out how I ranked each Season of House, M.D. in PART ONE.

Then check out my favorite episodes of the entire series in PART TWO.

Okay now you can check my favorite guest stars throughout the entire 8 Seasons of House. Truth be told, there are many honorable mentions, but I wouldn’t be me if I added them. Enjoy!


9. Billy Connolly


the episode: “Love is Blind” (S.8, Ep.14)
the character: Thomas Bell

So this one is more for the “awesome” factor than anything else. Billy Connolly has always been an icon of mine, and the fact that he was on House just kind of made my face light up. He plays House’s unknowing biological father, who happens to have rekindled a loving relationship with Mrs. House (comedy at its finest). Connolly is not a patient or really anybody of extreme importance, but to be honest, I really don’t care.


8. Cynthia Nixon


the episode: “Deception” (S.2, Ep.9)
the character: Anica Jovanovich

Nixon plays a patient with Munchausen’s – one who fakes sickness for attention or sympathy – but at the same time happens to have a life threatening disease (who saw that coming?!). Nixon’s performance was memorable from the many layers slowly peeled away from her character over the course of the episode. I never witnessed the supposed “greatness” of Sex and the City, but this episode perhaps gave me a glimpse of its potential.


7. Mos Def


the episode: “Locked In” (S.5, Ep.19)
the character: Lee

I remember first seeing Mos Def in Dexter and Be Kind Rewind, then most recently Bamboozled, all of which cemented a basic understanding of his talent into my mind. His representation of Lee was very much a “less is more” situation in that is character is experiencing Locked-in syndrome. Mos Def’s voice over plays a rather large part in the episode, adding a whole other level to his acting responsibilities.


6. Katheryn Winnick


the episode: “One Day, One Room” (S.3, Ep.12)
the character: Eve

“One Day, One Room” was on my list for Best Episodes primarily because of Katheryn Winnick’s performance. She plays a rape victim who does not pretend to know what the right answer is. Winnick’s character is perfect and heartbreaking at the same time, she simply wants to talk and try to understand why things happen. Her chemistry and interactions could easily be attributed to the show’s writing team, but I like to think Winnick went above and beyond her job description.


5. Zeljko Ivanek


the episode: “Last Resort” (S.5, Ep.9)
the character: Jason

Mr. Ivanek honestly has a luxurious life in the Hollywood business. His filmography is bulging with television credits and a few of my personal favorite films – basically Black Hawk Down and In Bruges (the Canadian) – which is quite surprising considering his name is Zeljko Ivanek, truth be told the name doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. His performance will remain in my mind for a few reasons, mainly his determination and doppelgänger-like “House” personality.


4. John Cho


the episode: “Love Hurts” (S.1, Ep.20)
the character: Harvey Park

This is one of those episodes I actually saw when it first aired, which was a rather weird experience for me considering Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle had just come out. John Cho will always be Harold no matter what, but he definitely tested my resolve with his portrayal of Harvey Park. He’s submissive and unknowing, completely ignorant of his situation and at times it seems reality.


3. Beau Garrett


the episode: “Remorse” (S.6, Ep.11)
the character: Valerie

I wish this episode added more to the overall plot arc, because Beau Garrett absolutely knocks her performance out of the park. She plays Valerie, an actual psychopath whom by definition has no regard for any other person in her life. Valerie uses emotions and her physical being to get what she wants with such ease, making me believe Garrett carried out this role with the same amount of ease. Garrett has gotten most of her notoriety from Criminal Minds and the newest Tron film (although I know her from the single appearance she had in Chuck), but in my opinion she deserves more.


2. Dave Matthews


the episode: “Half-Wit” (S.3, Ep.15)
the character: Patrick Obyedkov

You can imagine my surprise when I realized Patrick Obyedkov was played by Dave Matthews, if not it was a rather large surprise. Honestly, I am not all that aware of Mr. Matthews music, but was rather impressed with his acting capabilities. He played the role of a music savant with ease, while also bringing a lovable attribute to his character. Matthews deserves the number two spot for creating one of the most interesting characters throughout the entire House series.


1. James Earl Jones


the episode: “The Tyrant” (S.6, Ep.3)
the character: Dibala


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