Check out the first list of my HIMYM binge, Ranking Ted’s Girls:






The Top 20 Guests:

20. Katy Perry


the character: Honey
the episode: “Oh Honey” (S.6, Ep.15) 

By this time Ms. Perry had already shown her acting chops on SNL deeming them at least respectable. No, I wouldn’t trust her to front my film, but a one-off on a long running sitcom hardly seem detrimental. Perry plays the ditzy Honey – a woman who could be described as too trusting -while surprisingly working well with the main crew and Neil Patrick Harris in particular. Her acting wasn’t exactly exploding off the screen like a Firework, but I might go as far as to call it the Dark Horse performance of this list, BOOM!


19. Jorge Garcia


the character: Steve ‘The Blitz’ Henry
the first: “Blitzgiving” (S.6, Ep.10)
the last: “Gary Blauman” (S.9, Ep.21)

Why is it whenever I see Jorge Garcia I smile? Seriously, every time. He was perfect for ‘The Blitz,’ a college friend of Ted and Marshall who missed out on something awesome whenever he leaves the room. With the perfect delivery of “Aww Man!” Garcia is a hard guest star to forget.


18. Chris Kattan


the character: Jed Mosley
the first: “The Wedding Bride” (S.5, Ep.23)
the last: “Vesuvius” (S.9, Ep.19)

Chris Kattan plays the “Hollywood” version of Ted Mosby, Jed Mosley. The character is over the top in every sense (of which Mr. Kattan is the master), completely fabricating what actually went down in the real world. Ted hates him, the world loves him, and we just enjoy watching Chris Kattan.


17. Tim Gunn


the character: Tim Gunn
the first: “Girls Vs. Suits” (S.9, Ep.22)
the last: “The End of the Aisle” (S.5, Ep.12)

I have never really seen Tim Gunn in his natural habitat, but I can certainly appreciate his many presences on HIMYM. Playing himself and Barney’s personal tailor, Gunn uses his perceived characteristics to bring the laughs. All I can say is Tim Gunn and Barney catchphrases go very well together.


16. Laura Bell Bundy


the character: Becky
the first: “Subway Wars” (S.6, Ep.4)
the last: “Daisy” (S.9, Ep.20)

Becky is a fantastic blend of ditzy and crazy bundled up into a small human being. Bundy puts on a show every time she’s on screen, most notably her “BOATS BOATS BOATS” commercial, showing not all the female guest stars have to stop at two dimensions. Plus, it was nice to see her character come full circle in the final season of the show.


15. Kyle MacLachlan


the character: The Captain
the first: “Natural History” (S.6, Ep.8)
the last: “Daisy” (S.9, Ep.20)

What a great character. Whoever came up with The Captain did their job in a correct and orderly manner. It’s unfortunate he came so late in the series, for he could have been one of those characters who popped up every now and then for the entire nine seasons. MacLachlan plays a great rich guy who loves boats, and I do not say that lightly.


14. Boyz II Men


the character: Boyz II Men
the episode: “Slapsgiving 3: Slappointment in Slapmarra” (S.9, Ep.14)

Boyz II Men are amazing. This breaking-of-the-fourth-wall cameo was amazing. Not much else to say except this moment was amazing.


13. Regis Philbin


the character: Regis Philbin
the episode: “The Best Burger in New York” (S.4, Ep.2)

As the crew is in search of the best burger in New York so is Regis Philbin, but his search has been for years. Apparently it was worth the wait, because this burger is so good it makes Regis a bit physical at times, but hey he looks great for his age. The nice host we all love is nowhere to be seen in this episode, leaving a fast food craving dark side previously unknown to the world.


12. Will Forte


the character: Randy Wharmpess
the first: “Rebound Bro” (S.3, Ep.18)
the last: “Canning Randy” (S.6, Ep.7)

We all know Forte can act, he has eight years of SNL under his belt Nebraska to brag about, but his brilliance stems from the specificity of the roles he plays. To put it in terms of a cliche, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?” Forte thrives from playing the doofus, the man that doesn’t understand what everybody else does. Randy Wharmpess is that man, and boy does he shine.


11. James Van Der Beek


the character: Simon Tremblay
the first: “Sandcastles in the Sand” (S.3, Ep.16)
the last: “Bedtime Stories” (S.9, Ep.11)

This is one of those “what?” moments that just works out. James Van Der Beek plays a dungy washed-up Canadian of Robin’s past, who has to do absolutely nothing to get her affection. He has the accent and hairline to boot making him 100% Canadian to our American eyes. Van Der Beek brings the laughs, but it is the episodes he is a part of that makes him legen- wait for it -dary!


10. Thomas Lennon


the character: Klaus
the first: “Farhampton” (S.8, Ep.1)
the last: “The Pre-Nup” (S.8, Ep.2)

Thomas Lennon appears across the entire world of television because of one simple fact, everyone wants him. He’s a legend and really can do no wrong. When it comes to HIMYM, he plays Victoria’s German fiancé, Klaus. Unfortunately his character only got a two episode arc, but impressions were made (see picture).


9. Abby Elliott


the character: Jeanette Peterson
the first: “P.S. I Love You” (S.8, Ep.15)
the last: “Gary Blauman” (S.9, Ep.21)

Abby Elliott had just earned her Saturday Night Live alum license plate when she got the role of Jeanette, a woman who has been stalking Ted for quite some time, crossing all lines to be and stay with him. The normal thing for a human to do would be run, but Ted and the idea of love are an unstable concoction.


8. Alexis Denisof


the character: Sandy Rivers
the first: “Nothing Good Happens After 2 AM” (S.1, Ep.18)
the last: “Gary Blauman” (S.9, Ep.21)

Alexis Denisof gets no love for his work on HIMYM. This talented man and husband of Alyson Hannigan brought Sandy Rivers (extraordinary name) to life, packing so much douchery and stereotypes into one role. Mostly known for his Joss Whedon collaborations, Denisof brought his chiseled jawline to the sitcom world and thoroughly succeeded.


7. Joe Manganiello


the character: Brad Morris
the first: “Ted Mosby, Architect” (S.2, Ep.4)
the last: “Twelve Horny Women” (S.8, Ep.8)

Ladies, you already know this guy, but for you fellows this is Joe Manganiello of True Blood and Magic Mike fame. He is known for his manliness, but that was not always the case, I mean just watch the first few appearances on the show. I attribute great writing to Brad Morris’s success, but Manganiello’s performance in “Twelve Horny Women” earned him the #7 spot.


6. John Lithgow


the character: Jerome Whittaker
the first: “Legendaddy” (S.6, Ep.19)
the last: “The End of the Aisle” (S.9, Ep.22)

Most think 3rd Rock from the Sun, but I will always think Dexter. Lithgow plays Barney’s real dad and everything that comes with that role. From fear of spoiling his personality for you, I will just say Lithgow respects the choices of HIMYM‘s writing team. It’s weird to see the Trinity killer on a sitcom, but then again I guess that’s where he was born.


5. Chris Elliott


the character: Mickey Aldrin
the first: “Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap” (S.5, Ep.9)
the last: “Daisy” (S.9, Ep.20)

Mickey Aldrin is the father nobody wants, which is what makes it funny… hmm…  Anyways, this casting choice is perfection. Chris Elliott fits all the right parts together to create Lily’s dad: Creepiness, stupidity, and the right amount of heart. Dads are quite important when it comes to HIMYM, and I can easily say Mickey takes the cake.


4. William Zabka/Ralph Macchio


the character: Billy Zabka/Ralph Macchio
the first: “The Bro Mitzvah” (S.8, Ep.22)
the last: “The End of the Aisle” (S.9, Ep.22)

These guests had surprise on their side, really wasn’t expecting to see the Karate Kid and his arch-nemesis on a sitcom playing themselves. Normally any man would be stoked to have the Macchio at their bachelor party, but Barney is not one of them. This is where Billy Zabka comes in, the “real” hero of The Karate Kid in Stinson’s mind. In fact, Barney loves Zabka so much he will come back in the final season as one of his groomsmen, not Macchio though…


3. Martin Short


the character: Garrison Cootes
the first: “The Naked Truth” (S.7, Ep.2)
the last: “The Burning Beekeeper” (S.7, Ep.15)

Martin Short only gets a few episodes as Garrison Cootes, but believe me he deserves this spot. His many years in the business have certainly given him a reputation – one he continues to uphold – and an attraction among the Hollywood community. Somehow he found his way onto HIMYM and brought all his mannerisms and sporadic shouting we all know and love.


2. Bryan Cranston


the character: Hammond Druthers
the first: Aldrin Justice” (S.2, Ep.6)
the last: “Platonish” (S.9, Ep.9)

I started this binge well after I had seen all of Breaking Bad. To be honest, Breaking Bad is the reason Cranston finds himself at the number two spot, but even so, without his magnum opus he would still be in the top five. Besides Hammond Druthers being a great name, Cranston put a stamp on this show unlike any other through his ability to grab an audience in a specific way. Druthers eventually got his call back in season nine, but it would have been nice to see him more often.


1. Wayne Brady


the character: James Stinson
the first: “Single Stamina” (S.2, Ep.10)
the last: “The End of the Aisle” (S.9, Ep.22)

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