How I Met Your Mother

the years: 2005-2014
the seasons: 9
the episodes: 208

the creators: Carter Bays & Craig Thomas
the top director: Pamela Fryman (196 episodes)
the top writers: Carter Bays (67 episodes), Craig Thomas (67 episodes) & Matt Kuhn (54 eps.)

the cast:

  • Josh Radnor as Ted Mosby
  • Jason Segel as Marshall Eriksen
  • Cobie Smulders as Robin Scherbatsky
  • Neil Patrick Harris as Barney Stinson
  • Alyson Hannigan as Lily Aldrin


Ranking Ted’s Girls

9. Natalie


the acting: Anne Dudek
the episodes: 2
the seasons: 1 & 5

Natalie is more sentimental than anything else, she is Ted’s first real girlfriend on the show (and no Robin doesn’t count) and begins the long line of “crazy” we will learn to love and cherish throughout the nine long seasons of HIMYM. It’s funny, Anne Dudek seems to pop up all over the television world, here, a rather large role in HouseCovert AffairsMad Men, and the pilot episode of Psych. Needless to say, this girl gets around, but time and time again she leaves us absolutely satisfied.


8. Cindy


the acting: Rachel Bilson
the episodes: 4
the seasons: 5-6 & 8-9

Cindy is mostly important for her direct connection to the Mother, both of them took the same class Ted mistakenly taught and became roommates because of it. Her character continuously takes backseat to the Mother when it comes to her love life, which proves no different when she dates Ted. Without even meeting her Ted takes a clear liking to Cindy’s roommate through her personal effects, effectively ending any potential he may have had with Cindy. Plus there’s the added subplot of Bilson’s character turning out to be gay, so there’s that.


7. Karen 

pressexpress, Landov

the acting: Laura Prepon
the episodes: 3
the seasons: 4 & 5

Karen was an interesting mixture of hatred for the character and endearment for the actress. Prepon will forever have a place in my heart due to That 70’s Show, but Karen is one of those 100% awful people, always pretentious, uncaring, and lacking any remorse. She is clearly Ted’s worst girlfriend – who is not clinically crazy – and a terrible human being, which are the exact reasons Karen is so memorable. Simply put, this character can be summed up by good writing and top acting.


6. Jeanette Peterson


the acting: Abby Elliott
the episodes: 5
the seasons: 8 & 9

Jeanette is the clinically crazy girlfriend. Where Karen was the worst emotionally, this character is the worst physically and financially (she breaks a lot of Ted’s stuff). Abby Elliott had just earned her Saturday Night Live alum license plate when she got the role of Jeanette, a woman who has been stalking Ted for quite some time, crossing all lines to be and stay with him. The normal thing for a human to do would be run, but Ted and the idea of love are an unstable concoction.


5. Stella Zinman


the acting: Sarah Chalke
the episodes: 10
the seasons: 3-4, 9

Stella and Ted’s relationship can only be described as lightening fast, they go from first date to serious relationship to engaged in only a few episodes appearing incredibly happy in the process. Though without spoiling everything, not all is as it seems. This dermatologist/Ted girlfriend is played by Chalke – of Scrubs fame – revealing a more serious side of the actress I was not accustomed to, though the doctor said I was.


4. Zoey Pierson


the acting: Jennifer Morrison
the episodes: 13
the season: 6 & 9

Zoey begins her career on HIMYM as Ted’s arch-nemesis, but as the show’s timeline progresses emotions and charm get the best of her. She is an activist and wife of The Captain (a fantastic character), who firmly stands in the middle of Ted and his greatest accomplishment, still there is no getting away from how well these two play off each other. I know Morrison quite well from my House, M.D. binge, which is probably the reason she finds herself so far up the list.


3. The Mother


the acting: Cristin Milioti
the episodes: 25
the season: 8 & 9

The Mother should be number one, it should make the most sense and should feel right, but that is all in theory. We spent eight seasons hearing about the Mother and one season seeing her, needless to say the anticipation was boiling over. By the time we finally see her we know everything about her, there is no surprise to her character, nothing that catches us off guard. But still, she is the Mother, the one and only, the end to Ted’s search.


2. Victoria


the acting: Ashley Williams
the episodes: 17
the seasons: 1, 7-9

Victoria seems to be the favorite in many people’s minds. Her character’s growth comes with the blossoming of her and Ted’s relationship, they seem flawless, utterly in love. Victoria’s an amazing lady, she has many of the pieces a simple guy would want. Some might go as far as to say perfection.  You may so astutely ask, “What could end perfection?” Well, that would be number one.


1. Robin Scherbatsky


the acting: Cobie Smulders
the episodes: 208
the seasons: 1-9

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