My meeting went great! Though I don’t know if I would really call it a meeting, more of a friendly sit down. He was nice, very nice, and generous for just having met me. Definitely someone I want to stay in contact with, maybe even work for or with later down the road. Apparently first impressions mean a hell of a lot to me…

I wrote out about two pages of questions to ask in my notepad the night before. I eventually got through all of them, even if they stumbled out in a random order. Nevertheless, we covered a good amount in just under an hour, and I’ll try to regurgitate it all for you here.

The conversation started with him asking what my interests were in the industry. I told him I went to film school in Long Beach for screenwriting and up until about 6 months ago I wanted to write features (film scripts). Then how my interests have slightly shifted over to television, 1-hour Drama’s in particular.

His response was a breath of fresh air. He told me my interests were in the right place, television is one of the best ways for writers to break into the industry, and 1-hour’s are more popular than ever. His words made me happy, hopeful at the very least.

We talked about the industry, making connections, refraining from burning bridges, and mostly just keeping an open mind. He made the point that television writing is collaboration, it needs to be. Willing to take advice, suggestions, or being told flat out what you wrote doesn’t work is all part of the game.

His advice was for the moment to take any job that comes my way. Anything could be my ticket into the industry, and if the job isn’t working out I can always just leave it. He generously offered to ask around for PA jobs or anything of the sort. I’m incredibly thankful and waiting to hear back, fingers crossed!

Ok, now the homework part…

Not really homework actually, more like careerwork!

Like actors, us writers have auditions too… just in a different sense. Actors physically stand up and perform in front of people, writers apparently hand people their pilots. (In case you’re not sure, a pilot is the very first episode of a TV show. It’s important) So, I have to start writing pilots! I have a couple of ideas (Nikole gave me a great idea actually, but don’t tell her I said that…), though I still have a lot of research to do.

His biggest point of all was the absolute necessity of finding my voice. Finding my what works best with my style of writing. He said this comes with time and turning out countless pages. Something I can and will do. I suppose this blog has helped me a bit, but I have to go deeper and uncover more of myself.

It’s exciting times folks! I’m still a bit stressed, but I feel more confident. Hopefully I hear back about any PA jobs within a week or so, if not it’ll crunch time on finding some sort of serving job. Regardless of my job, writing is the name of the game and then more writing!

There’s much to be thankful for, I’m in a loving relationship, constantly around friends and family, making contacts in the industry, and they all seem to have my back. Maybe I’m blinded by ignorance, then again I did graduate with a degree in film so you know, I’m not lacking in the IQ points area… Maybe I am blinded by ignorance.



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