Yesterday was a big day. I quit my job.

It was time, it was past time really. I had been unhappy there for a while – simply put management and the staff had a difference of opinion. Oh well, don’t cry for me Akatora.

So what now? Not 100% there yet. Paying bills is still a priority, which means realistically I’ll have to pick up another dead-end job for the moment. Although this time my mind has a different mentality, a more focused one.

At Akatora, that job pretty much became my life. I was there a good amount of the week, even when I wasn’t working. And on my day offs all I wanted to do with lay around the house and watch TV, or if I did leave the house it was for Pokemon GO. This next job won’t be my life, it’ll be my paycheck.

To be fair, writing will not take up the rest of my time either. For starters, it’s just not realistic. If I commit to that, I will certainly have issues in the near future. Rather, I need to set goals. My dad set it out like this: Daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals, and yearly goals. Good advice – now I have to follow through.

My daily goals will see the least amount of consistency, while my yearly goals will be tougher to make. Still I’m excited, I feel a boost of energy going my way. Tomorrow I’ll go out and try finding a wall calendar – that way I’ll have a physical copy of my goals I can look at every morning. As of now I have a few daily goals and a few weekly goals, but I’ll get into those later.

I know I’ll need help maintaining this blog, my writing, and my future. Just look at my record on this blog. I’ve put out one post every couple of months, if that. Obviously I need to get better, but I’ve said I need to get better for a couple of years now.

This is where my audience comes in, You. I need you to shame me. If you haven’t heard from me in a week or two, write me a comment – Facebook me your disdain! Tell me to get my ass into gear, if you know me personally shoot me a text or give me a call.

I probably shouldn’t be asking for this type of audience participation, but one of my goals is to open up a dialogue. Hear what others have to say. True, a part of me is writing this for myself. The other part, all for you baby!

Who knows what will happen? Here’s to hoping for the best and staying true to myself. Thank you for staying with me this far.



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One Response to Don’t Cry For Me Akatora

  1. Paperimage says:

    Being open about yourself is an important. It does exhibit your willingness to grow and being true to yourself. I have an extra calendar with a bunch of puppies on it. Check your mail. oxxo Dad

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